Friday, September 3, 2010


Today I realized how fast time flies.
Today I realized that's it been forever since I've posted.
Today I promise to try harder to post more often.
Today I realized that there's so much to share. Recipes, crafts, pictures, life.

For now, here's a snippet of finds:

1. I read this book.
I love it. I loved everything about it. I want it to be a movie. I want to sit in my seat, with my bucket of popcorn, and watch these wonderful characters come to life.

2. I have one of these:
I HEART my Cricut. It's changed my crafting life. Ohhh, the paper...the vinyl...the love.

3. My garden has taken control of my life.

4. My baby lost her first tooth. At 4.75 years of age, baby might be an overstatement but, she's still my baby. How can she already be loosing teeth? Did someone spin the earth a little faster in to a warp speed? UGH!

4. Next up, a recipe. It's delightful!

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