Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Couple: MN vs. WI

It amazes me that my husband and I have such different ways of saying things. We grew up in different states; he in Minnesota and I in Wisconsin. 180 miles and the Mississippi river separated us as kids yet you'd swear we grew up on opposite sides of the country. Here's my ever growing list of "he says, she says".

  1. He says dinner. She says lunch.
  2. He says hotdish. She says casserole.
  3. He says "Duck, Duck, Grey Duck!". She says "Duck, Duck, Goose!". (I mean, really? Grey Duck?)
  4. Hey says Aunt (like want). She says Aunt (like ant). This one is tricky for Cookie, so we call everyone "Auntie" (anty).
  5. He says grocery bag. She says Dick's bag. Note: you'll only get this if you grew up in Southwest Wisconsin where our grocery store was called Dick's Supermarket. I realize that my husband is "right" with grocery bag but Dick's bag is burned in to my brain, never to escape.
  6. He says water fountain. She says bubbler. I'll never forget the time I was in Arizona and asked where the bubbler was. Not only did they not have a clue, they looked at me as if I were from a different planet.
  7. He "puts gas on". She "gets gas".
  8. He goes to the lake. She goes to the river.
  9. He has rolls. She has doughnuts.
  10. He calls them folks. She calls them parents.

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