Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Curse of the Gas Pump

I've been cursed I tell you, cursed. Someone somewhere has created a voodoo doll of me holding a gas pump. Each time I get gas "they" apparently stick a pin in me and the prices go down. I should write a mystery novel about it; it would be a bestseller!

Here's how I know I have been cursed...

I usually get gas after work on my way home. I do this because, well, I'm not a morning person so carving out an extra 10 minutes or so in morning to get gas just doesn't work for me. About a month ago I got my gas after work as I usually do only to discover the very next morning that the prices had dropped about five cents. I thought nothing of it, chucked it up to one of those things and went about my business.

The next week, same thing: got gas after work and the next morning the prices dropped. This time I thought hmmm, that's twice in a row. Then I got smart. The following week I decided to outsmart the gas pump and filled up on my way in to work. Guess what? Yep, you got it...driving home the prices dropped!

So here we are, it's week number four and the curse has yet to be lifted. This time I decided to get gas in the middle of the day. I felt pretty sassy too because driving home from work later that afternoon I realized that the gas price was exactly the same as when I filled up at lunch. I felt the curse was lifted and that I had finally won. That warm, fuzzy, accomplished feeling lasted all the way until the next morning when I was driving past the gas station and saw that the prices had...........................

Game over Mr. Gas Price man, you win.

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