Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Holidays come and go so fast. I've finally been able to sit down, go through pictures and prepare for many new blog posts. I have recipes to share, pictures to share, and so much more.

We spent the weekend at my parents in Wisconsin running amok as always. Thank goodness Mr. Bunny knows when we travel. Cookie was a little concerned that, even though we were taking her basket with us, he might not find her. Low and behold, he came through. Good ole Mr. Bunny.

Part 1: The peaceful morning. A basket full of bubbles, a new sun dress, and chocolate. What else do you need?

Part 2: The hunt and the meltdown.

My sister Moya and I decided that we'd put most of the kids chocolate in to plastic eggs and do a big egg hunt for them. We sat down Saturday night and did just that. When we were finished we put the eggs in to a bag, put that bag in to another canvas bag, zipped it shut and put it in the corner. Our plan was to have the "boys" hide the eggs Sunday after breakfast.

Sunday morning was great. Everyone was doing their own thing; some were helping make breakfast while others were enjoying the fact that Moya has a cosmetologist license and were getting a much wanted trim.

I ran down stairs to the extra refrigerator to grab the homemade bagels that were retarding overnight only to find that Cookie and her cousin Q had found the secret bag of eggs and had opened the majority of them. There were jelly beans and chocolate bars, peanut butter cups, and M&Ms EVERYWHERE. Cookie had about 2 peanut butter cups in her mouth and Q had about 3 mini chocolate bars in his. It was as if Mr. Wonka himself had been there and opened up his factory to them.

The chocolate was returned to the eggs. The eggs were hidden and the hunt was successful. Did the kids eat breakfast? Not so much. Did I have a mini meltdown/OMG moment when I saw them? Yes. Did my mother laugh at me and tell me that the kids would forever laugh about the time they found the eggs, opened them and proceeded to have a chocolate party? Yep.

Here's hoping your weekend was a hoppin' as mine!

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