Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Replacements

Part 1: Lola
Until the age of 14 1/2 my family consisted of my parents, my two younger sisters, and me. My parents referred to my sisters and me as "the girls". They'd "take the girls to the mall", or "pick up the girls", or "buy the girls" this and that. After my brother was born that changed and we all became "the kids."

Having 4 children, each 5 years apart, means that my parents had kids in the house for a very long time. My brother graduated from high school a couple years ago, headed off to college, and left my parents with an "empty nest". Around that same time my parents beloved dog Millie died. Good ole Mildred, she was a sweet dog. Her passing really brought a sense of emptiness to the house.

Enter Lola. Lola became the new house Princess. She's spoiled rotten and completely and utterly adores my mom and dad. And speaking of my dad, he thinks Lola's pretty okay too. AKA, it's his fault she thinks she's the princess.

Part 2: Lexi
My friend Turtle got a real bad case of empty nest syndrome when her last birdie "flew the coop" and she decided that she'd get an inside dog for the first time. Having only had outside dogs Turtle soon came to realize having a small dog was a completely different story. Long story short she came to the very difficult conclusion that she'd have to find a new home for the dog; she just didn't have the time necessary to give it all of the attention it needed.

I mentioned this to my parents and they offered to give this dog a home. Lola would benefit from a friend and hey, what's one more?

Enter Lexi.
Now I mentioned before that Lola is the princess but let's get one thing clear; every princess has a queen and the queen, my friends, is Lexi.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to Lola and Lexi, otherwise referred by my parents as "the girls". (Hmmm, seems like I've heard that somewhere before)

Lola and Lexi; the house queen and princess, the dynamic duo.
My replacements.

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