Sunday, April 5, 2009

Design On A...


No, Penny.

NO, For Free!

My sister Bub has good style. Too bad she couldn't host a show on how to decorate your home without breaking the bank because she'd be great at it. She's been wanting to makeover her bedroom for quite some time and decided to tackle that job this weekend. She enlisted my help with the mural and wow, did it turn out great.

Painting the walls and this mural cost $20. Yep, twenty bucks. The walls were painted an off-white a couple of years ago so this go round it was only the accent wall that was changed. She was going for a mocha color but ended up with a khaki/grey tone. At first she was a little concerned that the color had too much green and not enough brown but after it went on the wall it looked great.

Bub really wanted something fun as a wall accent. She searched the Internet high and low for the right print or picture but just couldn't find anything that called out to her. She found a wall cling of a bird on a branch and fell if love with it. Although she loved the design it was too small for her wall, was the wrong color, and was WAY over budget. The solution? Create your own! We blew up the image she had found, projected it on the wall, traced it with pencil and then set our paint brushes to work.

We did good Bub...we did good!

Wall before painting the mural, during and after.

This is after the first coat.

Bub finishing the third coat.

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